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Tenth element.

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1Tenth element. Empty Tenth element. on Sat May 29, 2010 2:36 am


This will be the name of the manga I will start writing!
But this is only the base: The Nine elements of resurrection.

1) 神のビジョンのパス Path of god's vision (Eye techniques)

2) 地獄の邪悪な Hell of the wicked (Fire techniques)

3) スタミナ悪魔のようなイノシシの Stamina of a demon boar (energy)

4) サンドの猛スピード Sand's furious speed (Stealth and speed)

5) 葉カッター leaf cutter (Sharpness and toughness)

6) 冷凍誘惑 Frozen temptation (Earth and ground techniques)

7) 悪魔の支援 Devil's assistance (Godly techniques)

8 ) 吸収 Absorb (Absorbing ability)

9) 風の耐久性 Wind's durability (wind techniques and flight)

And there are levels in each element. In order to create the tenth element one has to master all elements at the tenth level!

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