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Inglourious basterds.

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1Inglourious basterds. Empty Inglourious basterds. on Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:09 am

The preacher

The preacher
A fucking 8.6? Why the hell did Imdb give this boring movie an 8.6? This movie sucks! If we can only isolate and rate Christoph Waltz's acting performance I would agree that this movie deserves a perfect 10. But he is not alone, and his performance can't cover the horrible plot, boring conversations, unfunny characters, alternative QT WW2 fantasy and Eli Roth as Jew bear!!

The opening scene with Denis Menochet as a farmer and Christoph Waltz as an SS officer is the best part of the movie. the Only part that has some quality and connects the tension from that scene with the rest of the movie. the basement scene was crossroad for me. Michael Fassbender was great in the role of the British spy and his character adds some new layers of logic and realism in the movie. after moments you can actually see the plot finally breaking through the rubbish you watched after the farm scene after the basement chapter. The movie was going nowhere!

Empty spaces, a lot of empty spaces for a movie that last 153 minutes. Long and boring scenes with boring characters and conversations. Childish fantasy mixed up with Spaghetti western movies and some atmosphere that doesn't belong to the WW2 period. Thats why we have basterds to fill everything else and patch the rest of the movie. They failed! The Basterds were the weakest/undeveloped and most boring part of the movie. the movie was named after them. And yes, Brad is on the movie poster...

If you wanted to watch the movie I advise you to save your money and your time! If I was the one who rated this movie I would rate it 7.1 or 6.9 just because of Christoph Waltz. but if he wasn't there the whole movie would suck badly!


2Inglourious basterds. Empty Re: Inglourious basterds. on Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:59 pm

Axe Man

Lot's of gore, as predicted but rather a boring movie.

3Inglourious basterds. Empty Re: Inglourious basterds. on Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:01 am

Exodus of religions

I watched this movie a long time ago. It sucked!

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